A while ago we bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. We were very impressed with its cleaning ability and being able to just pull a lever to empty it is great. Over time though the suction seemed to drop off to the point where it was only as good as our old vacuum cleaner - probably because I used it for DIY. This had to change...

Step 1

So here is the machine causing all the trouble. It is a DC07 and it is very dirty as you can see. If you look closely you will see that the motor filter has actually already been removed.


Dyson Filter Cover

Dyson Filter

Step 2

If you are using your Dyson for DIY and are sucking up small dust particles you should make sure that you clean the filter on a regular basis. Your instruction manual tells you how to remove it and clean it. The blue filter disk lives inside the yellow holder which is then pushed into the grey cover. It is important that the yellow holder is quite a tight fit inside the grey cover or dust will get round the filter into the motor. On our machine it is a very tight fit and I was hard pushed to get the filter out the first couple of times. I found turning and wiggling it while trying to pull it was the best method.

Step 3

On with cleaning the canister. This is undocumented so I don't suppose the Dyson people expected Jo Public to be doing this. It's quite easy though and the results can be great so it's worth giving it a go. Pictured here is the canister removed from the machine.

Dusty Dyson

Outer Cover

Dyson Clear Cylinder Catch

Step 4

The first thing to do is remove the clear plastic part. Pull the lever as you would do to empty the cylinder and leave the bottom open. Then press the cylinder release catch on the front (bottom picture). This should release the clear section.

Step 5

Now that you have have clear cover off it's time to remove the opening rod. This is done by removing the three black screws on the top of the cylinder. You will need a Torx (or Star) type screwdriver head. These are present in most sets of screwdriver heads now. If you don't already own a screwdriver head that will fit this now is a good time to ask yourself if you want to continue. I hope you choose to continue and if you do nip down to your local DIY centre and pick up a set of bits.

Dyson Top Screw

Dyson Top Screws

You probably want to go to Cleaning the Collection Cylinder Page 2 now.