While I’m not normally one to blow my own trumpet I felt that it was high time that I got myself a vanity page together. I decided this course of action for the vainest of reasons – I performed a search for “Graham Smith” (without quotes) and found that I came somewhere other than the top result. I have been running CrazySquirrel for more years than I care to mention and although it has become quite popular of late and is the number one result for a number of terms being the number one Graham Smith is still a prize that eludes me.

So I suppose as this is a vanity page I should say something about myself. I live with a lovely young lady called Hazel – we have been together a little over 12 years and currently, have no plans to get married (we have a mortgage we don’t need to get married). I’ve got a degree in chemistry and master’s in computer science and want to do neither. I’ve started more different careers that you can shake a big stick at (and most have been very promising) and I’m lining up to start a few more. I just can’t decide what I want to do.

In a week or two (around my 30th birthday actually) I intend to order a wood lathe for myself and spend far too much money. Fingers crossed I will be as interested in it wood turning as I think I will be. I’m currently looking at getting a Record Power CL4 – Quite a beast of a machine for a new turner but I think it will be worth it in the long run if I get really interested and will be fairly easy to sell on if I’m not.

Update: I’ve got the lathe and I am very interested in turning. I’m going to try and write about my exploits turning so if your interested check back.

I dream of one day working for myself and there is a tiny little voice inside me hopes that I will be able to turn for a living. I would have to become very good but I am not sure when I will get the time to get that good. I suppose as with a lot of things in life you have to be doing it for a few years to make a name for yourself. If I could sell one or two pieces a month though I would be really happy.

My last attempt at self-employment (Shallow Sea Aquatics) wasn’t a complete disaster but it wasn’t exactly a roaring success either. Our suppliers required us to have premises which cost a small fortune even though we never actually used it. We simply couldn’t afford to pay for the upkeep of it – it sucked essentially all our profits and then some.

Currently (May 2006) my end of year goals are to:

  • Make this site earn me $1000 a month (no, I’m not earning anywhere near that at the moment).
  • Learn (some) French.
  • Get good enough at wood turning that I can start selling a fair number of items.