Another Major Site Update

2016-09-22-1474505349-8662319-webdesignFor a long while, it bothered me that the site wasn’t generated using CSS. I had minimized the number of tables used for layout but I’d never quite managed to eliminate them all. That’s all changed now. There is, to the best of my knowledge, now only one table used for layout and that is at the top of the page and holds the quick links. The introduction of CSS for layout means that I can now offer you alternative style sheets which you can select from a drop down menu on the left-hand side.

Major Site Update

We are proud to announce a major site update. The site is now generated almost entirely using a database back end. We have had a few teething problems, including any content inside pre tags not being displayed, but we think they are all fixed now. If you find any bugs or there is anything you would like to see on the site please let us know.

New Sister Site Launched – Rural Escapes

ghyikjTired? Stressed? Want a holiday? Check out Rural Escapes where you will find only the best holiday cottages around Europe.

We are proud to announce the launching of a sister site Rural Escapes. Rural Escapes specializes in advertising European holiday properties so if you have a property to let or are looking for a great place to stay in Europe why not head over there now and take a look.

Rural Escapes aim is to be the only site you ever need to visit to find a holiday home that suits your needs. We offer holiday cottages Europe-wide, and whether you are looking for a quiet rural retreat or a base from which to explore a bustling cosmopolitan city, we are sure to have a property that matches your needs. We do not charge commission, so you can always be sure that you are getting a good deal when you book through Rural Escapes. Listed below are a few books that we think you might be interested in. Hover over the cover to see the title.

Shallow Sea Aquatics is On-Line


We are very proud to announce the launch of the Shallow Sea Aquatics website where, in time, you will be able to find all the information and equipment you need to run the perfect aquarium. We have got our aquatics forums up and running already so why not head over and join in the discussions. Listed below are a few books that we think you might be interested in. Hover over the cover to see the title.

Nice New Look?

webdesign1After many months (perhaps even years) of umming and erring about whether to spend the time needed to update this site, I have taken the plunge and done the upgrade. Frequent visitors to this site (are there any?) will notice that it looks fairly similar to how it did before. I quite liked the look and feel and didn’t want to change that as well as switch technology. I have taken the opportunity to switch from PHP to JSP X (XML-based JSP) not because I think that JSP is better than PHP but because, as a Java developer, I am more familiar with JSP and can work better magic.

I have also cleaned up the markup a bit and removed a lot of the unnecessary layout tables – as such the majority of the site is now laid out with CSS. This means that in the near future I will be offering alternative style sheets (eye candy alert). I have also rearranged the site a little as files had started to just get dumped any old place. The images haven’t be reorganized yet so expect some minor breakage in the near future. I suppose the biggest change is the menu on the left-hand side which is done purely server side. I’m proud to say that this is a JavaScript-free zone (perhaps we should have a burn all JavaScripts icon like there was a burn all gifs icon).

gjI hope you like the new site. If you have any questions or comments please contact us and tell us. I receive a lot of emails (mostly spam) but I do read every legitimate one I receive and try to reply to all of them. If you don’t get a reply feel free to poke me till you get a response.

Crazy squirrel Software

  • Gemini Data Analyser
  • UD Tool
  • Molecular Mass Calculator
  • Scrolling Clock
  • Bat And Ball Game

Interesting Facts


This site is becoming more standards compliant. This page is built from XHTML and complies to the XHTML Version 1.0 Script it also uses pure CSS2. By adhering to published standards we are trying to build a better more interoperable internet.