Baking covers such a huge range, when people think of baking they think of cakes, or bread, but in those two categories are hundreds of variations, not only that but biscuits also fit into this section, and they, like bread and cakes can be sweet or savoury, for individual servings or for a large gathering.

 For bread you could go for the tasty crispness of a fresh ciabatta, or the comforting homeliness of a traditional white farmhouse loaf. Why not ring the changes with bagels, cornbread or stollen? In my opinion there is nothing better for the soul than making bread by hand. If you're stressed, take a morning just to make a loaf of bread - the feel of the cool dough and the repetitive motion of the kneading will soothe and relax you. To say nothing of how you will feel when you cut into your loaf and the butter melts straight in - that first bite is always something special. As with cakes, the variations of bread are endless.Try using different seed, nut and fruit varieties - add herbs and spices or try really going for something different by adding chorizo or pepperoni!

If the sweetness of a cake is more to your taste you might consider a brioche, or a sponge cake, or a true cake. You can have tray bakes (brownies) little individual cakes (fairy cakes) large gateaux, cake can be flavoured with all manner of things, from the common coffee, chocolate and ginger varieties to the less common but equally delicious caraway or cranberry cakes. When making a cake the important thing to remember is the incorporation of air - the more air you can incorporate into the mix the lighter the cake will be - think of it as an ingredient - you want to add it to the mixture to make the perfect cake. Another thing to remember is that the only limit in the flavours, shapes, sizes and colours is your imagination.

The same rules for cakes also apply to biscuits. They are simple and quick to prepare, delicious to eat and look fantastic. I don't know of anyone who's done a basic cookery course who didn't start with biscuits!